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kurt/ puck future fic

I'm looking for this kurt/puck after college future fic that involves Kurt helping puck shop for a princess outfit for his daughter who is a major tomboy. And the chapter ends with Puck and Kurt finding out they're both running the summer Glee program.

Awesomeness...thy name is Poufwa!

In my long long absense from this live journal, I have found awesomeness, aka the funniest harry potter podcast in the history of ever, aka PotterFicWeekly!
Just search it. I dare you.
Then listen to one of their epic podcasts. I suggest you find one with Mike in it.

Intimidated by the three hour length? HAVE NO FEAR!  It's worth it, and you'll be hooked in the first few minutes.

Remember, the off topic parts are the best!

Suffering withdrawl from the awesomeness of the podcast you have just listened to? Don't worry, cause there's a huge archive full to listen to. Or if you, unlike me, have listened to all of them, there's always PotterFicForum to fill the hours until the next podcast is out!


You don't know what awesomeness you're missing!

Hey, it's me again! *waits for applase* *hears crikets chirp* Yeah, I know no one reads this, but oh well. I'm gonna post stuff anyway.

I'm gonna post a few recs but here's something I want to ask you the imaginary readers of my livejournal!
Do YOU know any good Gilmore Girls fics? Cause I swear they're nearly impossible to find.

Here's a few fic recs:
Lessons Learned by Loveadubdub

hmm...I'll add more later

Sirius/Remus Fic Rec

The Problem with Eggnog, Uncommon Thoughts, and Sharing a Bed with Sirius Black
Author: [info]xylodemon
Summary: In which Sirius is possibly naked, and Remus' mind is not the safest place to be.

. All that remained was Remus' original, and possibly larger, problem -- namely, that Sirius was in his bed. Sirius was in his bed, and it was quite possible that he was naked.

(Ok, I read this yesterday and forgot to rec it and then I remembered it but I couldn't find it. So I had to go through my entire history to find it. Which took forever. that'll teach me to wait to rec things.)

by kaydee falls
remus/sirius + peter, james
wherein remus and peter get sick of being sidekicks and plot to take over the world marauder's map
Summary: Rose Weasley never planned on being kidnapped by one Leslie Strange. She never planned to like her kidnapper. Rose certainly never planned on actually becoming friends with the woman. But then, Rose didn't plan for a lot of things...
Disclaimer: JKR owns everything Harry Potter. I am not her (despite my wishes)Awesome fic under cutCollapse )
Disclaimer: JKR owns all.

1. Rose has always been afraid of flying on brooms. She doesn’t mind heights at all – she quite likes them actually. She doesn’t even mind taking a ride on Buckbeak now and then. It’s just brooms. She figures it’s because when she was ten she read an article in the Prophet about how the spells that keep brooms in the air can fail suddenly if the broom maker dies.

Read the rest of the awesomeness under the cutCollapse )
Unbelievbly enough, their is a Harry Potter fanfic that has sparked it's own FANDOM. Not like [info]cult_sbp  for shoebox project; that's not organized like this one. This SUBfandom has an audiobook, a podcast, contests, and conventions. Fanfiction's are written in the subfandom's universe.
It's sort of insane.
And also completely and totally awesome at the same time.
Maybe you've heard of this subfandom. It's called[info]daydverse . And it all started with an awesome fanfiction that's longer than Order of the Phoenix. Yeah, you read that right. What's the name of this unbelievable fanfic?
Dumbledores Army and the Year of Darkness by Thanfiction
It's about Hogwarts during the Deathly Hallows. It's darker and scarier than I ever thought possible but it still remains completely and utterly real and within canon. Neville is amazing in this fic and Than really brings out all the minor characters that JKR never really develops. People like Susan Bones, Ernie Macmillan, Terry Boot, and Micheal Corner are all given starring roles in this fic. At points, it will make you cry, or laugh, or scream. It's just that amazing. Read it.

"We’re doing this all ourselves, and because we want to – no, because we need to. Risking our lives or not, it’s the right thing to do, and we’re not about to knuckle under just because we’re young. That’s how people like that get a real foothold, you know? If they can get you to grow up going along with things, then it’s a lot harder to make yourself fight later, not to mention they’ll be dug in deeper. I mean – sure, we all know Dumbledore had something planned with Harry, but we don’t know what, and we’re not waiting to find out. If Harry can stop You-Know-Who first, that’s brilliant. But these are our freedoms too, and we’re not sitting back and waiting on someone else’s plan.”

Neville Longbottom to Aberforth Dumbledore, Chapter 19, Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness"

DAYD has two sequels. One, Slaugh is completed and is definetly much much much darker than DAYD. The third one, is in progress and while less dark than slaugh, it is still hauntingly awesome.